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Quick News

2012 600 RMK stock vs. SLP Pipe Comparison

RMK 600 Pipe Set

Run with the big dogs with the addition of this new single pipe for the Polaris 600. It delivers an additional 5.9 horsepower peak, reduces weight by 3.7 lbs. More information on this pipe set

Polaris > Exhaust Systems & Components

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600 RMK Lightweight Silencer for 2012
This silencer reduces weight by 3 pounds and requires no fuel system modifications. It is finished with ceramic coating .  SLP tested and passed SAE J-2567 stationary sound test below 88 decibels. Click on the 'Related Items' tab for high temperature...More Details
Arctic Cat > Miscellaneous

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SLP Team Beanie
Fly the SLP colors while protecting yourself in cold weather situations. The low-profile of these beenies makes them stylish and comfortable especially when loading and unloading your sleds, attending outdoor winter events, just having fun, or working...More Details
UTV > Polaris RZR 570
Protection - Gas Tank Armor
Gas Tank Armor is a must have for all RZR 570 owners. This product will keep rocks, sticks, and any other sharp objects from piercing the exposed rear portion of the gas tank. It is compatible with SLP Rocker Armor™ (refer to "Related Items" tab...More Details
UTV > Polaris RZR-S 800
Exhaust - Super Silent Muffler
This new muffler for the Polaris RZR-S 800 is an incredible 5 decibels quieter than stock while providing 41% increase in airflow (20 more cfm) for more power. The subtle sound of this quiet silencer provides a relaxing environment for the rider...More Details

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Overstocked, Discontinued, R&D,
and Used Products.
Find out whats new at SLP.
Policies for purchasing and returning.
PowerSports Adventures
Idaho State Snowmobile Association

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Blue Ribbon Coalition

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"Setting the World's Performance Standards"

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